Outdoor Classroom

Separate from our existing play area!

Our plan is to create a nature-based learning environment - it will not be used as a playground ... each group will work within a schedule to utilise the classroom using it for teacher-led instruction; independent learning and group activities using their imaginations to create unforgettable and enjoyable learning experiences, using - as much as possible - natural materials.

Areas will include: a dry River Bed for digging and dumping; a Music Wall; a Water Wall; Kitchen; Potting/Gardening area; Construction Area and Fairy Garden (could also be an animal cave etc) and an Art Wall.

The benefits to the children will be boundless.

With the help of Creative Caf, we are doing an "I Was Here" Walk of Fame, for all families past and present to leave a memory in the form of a decorated paver. We would love to have a little reminder of your time here for future Koalaroo students to see and admire on their way to their fantastic and unique outdoor classroom.

Please help us make our vision a reality! Any donation either monetary, materials or time will be gratefully received.

Phase 1 Goal

The installation of a surrounding wooden privacy fence and gate, play kitchen, and story stadium


With your donation both monetary, material and time and corporate sponsorships we are excited to see where phase 1 takes us!


Personal Donations!

Warner Family
Rasiga Family
Abigail, Scarlett and Isabella
Braunton Family
Abigail's Family
Jun and David
Callie Braunton's Family
Sophie Henry's family
Kim Meechan
Mitch & Flick
Cole and Finn
Asia's Parents
Kenny and Marshall's Family
Elise's Parents
Ellie's Dad

Wall Sponsors!

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